In some photographs the essence of light and space dominate; in others, the substance of rock and wood, and the luminous insistence of growing things... lt is my intention to present - through the medium of photography - intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to spectators. - Ansel Adams



For my intimate love of nature, I have my parents to thank for getting us, as children, 'out there' to move about the United States of America. As a military family, my folks chose to camp in and explore our many National Parks and other wilderness areas en-route to the new duty base. In addition, all family visits were via long automobile rides. Thankfully, back in the day we had no electronic technology to occupy our time, so when my two brothers and I weren’t silently bickering about every inch of our respective one-third of the back seat of that old Rambler station wagon, we were staring out of the car windows - studying the outdoors as the miles went by.  Frequent stops to admire a glistening lake, to marvel at a petrified tree stump, or to stare in to a deep, colorful chasm were imperative; their intense beauty penetrating, and becoming ingrained within my soul.


With the gift of my son came a new perspective - from the fresh eyes and treasured offerings of a small child full of wonder: A fuzzy caterpillar, a colorful autumn leaf, a shapely stone, an interesting seashell, a beautiful flower. As an amazing young man I appreciate and admire him for graciously putting up with his mom’s presence during my volunteer years in his Scouting and Venturing crews, which provided ample opportunities to experience his adventures in - and the enchantment of - the incomparable Sierra Nevada. It is abundantly clear that nature's grandeur has had a similar bountiful effect on him! 


Such were my awakenings to how I view the world around me today. I learned to appreciate the elements within the scenery - the light, colors, shapes, lines, patterns, and textures - and to wonder about all life among us... simply, to marvel at nature. 


Many of the photographs on my page were made while out hiking or snowshoeing in our mountains, or from the perspective of rural surroundings, or often because a blossom has caught my attention. You will see many TREES in my galleries - simply because I feel they are nature's most lovely art forms. Certainly, the great photographers, present and past, have influenced my vision, but none more than the incomparable Ansel Adams, for when he looked through his lens he saw more than rocks, trees, and rivers - he saw art, and so do I.  So while most of my images are presented in color, rather than in black and white, as in Mr. Adams's work, his basic insights are most influencial to me.

There is splendor and wonder everywhere, and I aim to capture through my lens what I’m looking at with my eyes, heart, and soul. 

Simply look with perceptive eyes at the world about you, and trust to your own reactions and convictions. Ask yourself, "Does this subject move me to feel, think, and dream? Can I visualize a print - my own personal statement of what I feel and want to convey from the subject before me?"

- Ansel Adams


Thank you for stopping in.

Kathryn Hill

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